About Us

The Wheel of Crime is a comedy podcast started by two Canadian women, Jenn Will and Emily Lawrence. The podcast focuses primarily on true crime, folklore and mythology. Using inspiration from everyone’s favourite gameshows from the 1990’s, Wheel of Crime juxtaposes sometimes true stories with the world views of two 20 somethings women. Season one of the Wheel of Crime Podcast premiered in October 2018.

Co-hosts and producers Emily and Jenn have known each other since the dawn of time and became best friends in the sixth grade. Now living in two different cities and all grown up, they are still besties.

The Wheel of Crime Podcast is available to stream on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Amazon Alexa and pretty much anywhere podcasts are streaming near you.

Emily Lawrence

Emily Lawrence has spent most of her life working for Government as well as the Sports & Recreation industry, and is currently residing in her and Jenn's secret hometown.Besides having done schooling for Communications she has acquired a variety of skills, many which have proven to be useful only sometimes.

She spends the majority of her time traveling across Canada and America for work. When she isn't doing that she likes to spend time researching different curious subjects.

If you're ever seeking to summon her all you need to do is play somme ABBA music, turn on a Switch and throw down a bag of Wine Gums.

Jenn Will

Jenn Will is a professional photographer and filmmaker currently based in Calgary, AB. Jenn has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Public Relations and New Media from Thompson Rivers University.

In her professional life, Jenn spends her days working on independent short and longform narrative content as producer. She also works as a freelance photographer and writer and has been published in various outlets.

When she’s not working, Jenn enjoys watching horror films, travelling and drinking all of the ice coffee.

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